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Be Courageous
May assist with courage and self confidence.
May help with indecisiveness, uncertainty and nervous tension.
Be Response-Able
May assist the body with promoting self honesty.
May help encourage self-responsibility.
May help with self-defeating behavior.
Distress Remedy 
Supports emotional balance.
May assist the body with occasional emotional distress and emotional balance.
Find Strength
May assist with feelings of unworthiness.
May help the body with emotional strength and help deal with occasional emotional stress.
Keep Cool 
May assist the body with feelings of anger and irritability.
May also assist with empathy and communication
Open Heart 
May assist with the ability to love.
May help release suppressed emotion.
May help increase empathy and compassion.
Release It
May assist the body with the grieving process.
May help in letting go of the past.
May assist with emotional distress.

Flower Essence Formula Pack

SKU: K95047
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