Become the Healthiest Version of Yourself with

Natural Medicine & Nutritional Supplements!

Skip The Guesswork and Stay Healthy with Natural Medicine!

Take the guesswork out of your health and get to the root of your ailments. At Genesis Herb Garden, we provide in-depth naturopathic consultations and same-day in-house lab testing, so you have a better understanding of any health problems. All of our remedies are all-natural, safe and personalized for your particular symptoms—call today to make an appointment!

We identify the underlying causes of your health concerns and treat the problem, not the symptoms

Eliminate the guesswork of choosing nutritional supplements.

Trust in comprehensive, thorough testing & consultations


Work with understanding and knowledgeable specialists

ZYTO Balance Scan

Evaluates stress of each of your body's systems, identifies underlying cause of that stress & pinpoints remedies for you!

Vitamin/Mineral Scan

An accurate way to measure the electromagnetic waves of healthy & unhealthy cellular activity!

Dried Blood Analysis

One drop of blood will provide insight on vitamin/mineral deficiencies, free radical damage & much more!

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