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About Us

Serving Our Community Over 30 Years!

Genesis Herb Garden carries the finest in herbal supplements, vitamins & minerals, and extracts. Our highly trained staff of Master Herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors have the knowledge to help guide you in your quest for optimal health.

Our mission at Genesis Herb Garden is to educate people about alternative medicine and to help each client achieve optimum health.

Genesis Herb Garden Staff: Brian Mohrman, Nichole Mohrman, Deborah Mohrman, Nikki Mohrman, Heidi Bostian

Left to Right: Brian Mohrman, Nichole Mohrman, Deborah Mohrman, Nikki Brunner-Mohrman and Heidi Bostian

Meet Our Staff
Deborah Mohrman, Owner & Naturopathic Doctor

Deborah is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist and Certified Natural Health Professional. Having obtained much of her training at Trinity College in Warsaw, Indiana she has trained with many of the great leaders in alternative health such as Dr. Bernard Jensen, Reverend Hanna Kroeger and Steven Horn. In early 1992 she founded the Genesis Herb Garden (a family owned and operated business). Having overcome cancer herself using alternative therapies and a strong faith in God, her mission is to educate people about the benefits of natural medicine. Deborah’s favorite past-time is reading, playing piano and researching the latest in alternative health.

Nikki Mohrman-Brunner, Naturopathic Doctor

Nikki is a 2nd generation Naturopathic Doctor, her Mom preceding her and giving her her love for herbs. Shes loves her hubby, her family, singing and Shih-Tzus and can’t wait to have babies to also raise them in “the way of the herbs”. She just feels so blessed to have been raised around natural health, herbs and supplements and that way of thinking. She feels like it is something so substantial that she can pass on to her kids!

Nichole Mohrman, Master Herbalist

Nichole is the proud wife to Jeffrey Mohrman and mother of two children. She has a fondness of the outdoors, enjoying camping and organic gardening the most. As a lover of animals, she has two dogs, a bunny and most recently five chickens. She takes delight in restoring, repurposing, crafts, baking and being with her family. Nichole started at Genesis Herbs in 2003. Since then she has studied and excels in Kinesiology, Iridology and Face, Nail & Tongue reading to assist people identify deficiencies in their body, along with which supplements and nutritional changes an individual might need.

Heidi Bostian, Herbalist

Heidi booked an appointment with Deb in 2002 after a friend told her a lady looked into her eyes and suggested herbs to make her feel better. She has been hooked ever since. She believes giving natural solutions to folks that help their body heal is very fulfilling work. She considers herself a hippie that loves all sorts of critters, plants, dirt and lots of arts and crafts. When she’s not at the shop you’ll find her on her deck reading, painting, planting or just kicked back listening to tunes with her furry friends.

Brian Mohrman, Master Herbalist

Being a member of the Mohrman family, Brian began using herbs and vitamins at an early age. He completed his Master Herbalist training through Trinity College in 2006. He lives in Matthews with his wife and two sons. Brian is also an accomplished musician (drummer) and performs with his band around the Charlotte and Hickory area.

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