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Make muscles happy. Fibralgia® features magnesium malate for muscle relaxation, bone strength and nerve support.


  • Supports the structural system, especially the muscles
  • Supports bone strength and nerve impulses




When the body needs energy-producing fuel, it breaks down muscle protein to create energy. Malic acid plays an important role in cellular energy production. This formula provides malic acid and magnesium, which may help the body not to rob muscle protein to create energy.




The best products begin with good-for-you ingredients. And this sweet blend contains the kind of quality that delivers peace of mind. Fibralgia® features magnesium malate that is non-GMO-verified, Kosher-certified and made in the USA. Our supplier is NSF-rated, GMP-certified and has been providing quality mineral solutions for 40 years.




Fibralgia® was introduced more than 20 years ago as a natural formula to support muscle function. Since then, it has helped countless people feel better and live a more active life.

Magnesium was named for the region in Greece where this mineral compound was first found. It is critical to bone development and health. Magnesium supports heart, brain and kidney function. A 2011 study showed that magnesium helps overweight people improve their metabolism. It can also support a healthy pregnancy and is known for its soothing effect on the bowel. 

Swedish pharmacist Carl Scheele discovered malic acid in apples in 1785. Malic acid is the substance that gives an apple its pucker power or tartness.




Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.




80 mg magnesium (20% Daily Value) and malic acid

Fibralgia® (90 caps)

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