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Provides nutrients to nourish the body's glands.
Supports positive mood.
Promotes energy.
Strengthens the body's ability to manage stress.
How it Works
Master Gland Formula provides a blend of herbs, minerals and other nutrients that help balance the glandular system, particularly the pituitary, thyroid and adrenal glands.
AdaptaMax is a combination of adaptogenic herbs that help the body combat stress and adapt to stressful situations. It also supports energy levels and sexual drive.
Adrenal Support contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs to support and strengthen the adrenal glands, which in turn helps the body better adapt to stressful situations.
Recommended Use
Take the contents of one packet in the morning with breakfast, and again in the evening with a meal. Follow this pattern for 30 days.
Each packet contains 1 Master Gland capsule, 2 AdaptaMax capsules and 1 Adrenal Support capsule.

Glandular System Pack (30 day)

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