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Enhances protein digestion.
Provides trace minerals.
Supports the digestive system.
How it Works
Enzymes are essential for digestion and normal metabolic function. Enzymes that break down proteins are especially critical to good health because undigested and foreign proteins can impact your overall health. Taken with meals, High-Potency Protease helps digest high-protein foods. This product delivers 180,000 HUT protease that breaks down proteins at pH levels from 3.0 to 6.0. It also contains a full spectrum of plant-derived trace minerals. One capsule of High-Potency Protease provides the same benefits as three capsules of Protease Plus.
Recommended Use
Take 1 capsule between meals up to three times daily.
Protease (180,000 HUT), beet root fiber and trace mineral concentrate.

Protease, High Potency (60 caps)

SKU: 1876
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