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  • Fortify your immune system daily
  • Perfect anytime you want additional support


The Power of Sambucus—PLUS More!
ViraPro delivers time-tested elderberry (Sambucus nigra) plus key vitamins and minerals well known for supporting optimal immune health.

7 Powerhouse Ingredients

Clinically studied Haschberg Austrian Elderberry comes from berries that are standardized for anthocyanins, compounds that support strong immune function.

Vitamins A, C, D3, and E are key antioxidant vitamins, critical for overall health and wellness.

Zinc and Selenium are required daily minerals to support optimal health. Zinc supports the thymus gland, the master gland of the immune system, while selenium is especially important for maintaining a healthy immune defense.

Your Robust Immune Support

Featuring Haschberg Austrian Elderberry, plus a team of other health-supporting vitamins and minerals, ViraPro is the answer to optimal wellness.


Feel the ViraPro Difference!

ViraPro Elderberry Immune Blend

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